7th August – Today there have been more wobbles than jelly.

7th August – Today there have been more wobbles than jelly.

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We are now approaching many anniversaries. Today last year, Isaac was enjoying his break at Grandma’s in Lancaster and Reuben was home with me and Daddy. He had already had his second trip to the Doctors and deemed fine. I was busy packing and getting ready for our split break to Gloucester (2nts) then Devon ( planned 7nts).
Today there have been more wobbles than jelly.
Our MISS was big and this morning I cried at work with Ali. And all day myself and Rach had stress tummies.
It has been a long day, as this morning I attended a networking breakfast meeting at 7am and met some lovely people. Later I tried to cram as much work in as possible, as I would like to spend some quality time with Isaac this Friday while he is on his Summer break.
Yesterday the fabulous gals from healthy hounds dropped by with a whopping £600 raised for the dog bath ~ INCREDIBLE !!!! aren’t they amazing. Also Lisa dropped off 30 doggie bandanas at the Seraphine, 3 sizes (S,M & L) please drop by if you would like one.
If you are local and around on Saturday, please drop by Elizabeth Way Mossley ( top Mossley near the fire station) for a “Reuben wash and go “ car wash………..
Sadly, it has come to our attention that some “boys” have been knocking on doors in the Ashton area ( Near Canterbury Arms) and asking for money for Reuben’s Retreat. PLEASE do not hand over any money to anyone that does not have an official bucket or donation tin and WE DO NOT KNOCK ON DOORS ASKING FOR DONATIONS, please WARN any vulnerable neighbours you may have too……
If anyone hears of anything, please inform us immediately and we will be in touch with the local police.
Thank you for your continued and genuine support – we wouldn’t be where we are today without you,

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