7th July – Last week I had lots of wobbles and tears and life was becoming increasingly difficult

7th July – Last week I had lots of wobbles and tears and life was becoming increasingly difficult

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Last week I had lots of wobbles and tears and life was becoming increasingly difficult… I really needed this weekend….. . We have just returned from 3 glorious days in Anglesey.
Some time ago a few lovely Ladies from Beaumaris started to follow Reuben’s Retreat. Active supporters they held an open air cinema viewing of “Grease” in May and proceeds were kindly donated to Reuben’s Retreat. We couldn’t make it at the time, so were invited this weekend to a cheque presentation and planned fun fun fun for Isaac. Thank you to all the 6 fantastic businesses that support and run “Beaumaris Castle events” whom raised over £1300 for us back in May.
We spent 2 nights with Hazel and her fantastic team at the Bishopsgate hotel. We dined at the hotel on Friday night and it was gorgeous. In our room a letter awaited Isaac from the Red Boat ice cream parlour, it entitled him to 3 wonderful scoops of ice cream of his choice… what a great start! It also had 3 tickets for us to go and watch the outdoor theatre production of “Babe” on Saturday night at the castle.
Saturday morning we had what Isaac called “ The best breakfast he has ever had” and then we headed over to meet Search and Rescue pilot Rob at RAF Valley for a private tour. I have never seen Isaac so awestruck in all my life. We got to meet some of the team as they came in from an emergency and within minutes they were called out to another rescue. We saw the awesome “SeaKing” come in and go back out again. We had a tour of the office and Isaac got to try on Rob’s helmet and night vision goggles, which he informed us after Isaac had tried them were worth £thousands yikes !!! no pressure there… ( hope I haven’t just dropped you in it Rob…) the trip was awesome, and jawdroppingly gobsmacking… and I never thought men in Green “onesies” could look so handsome.. but I think they call them flightsuits….. Rob gave Isaac an embroidered badge of a set of his wings – wow! Isaac got to sit in the exact seat that our future King sits in too.. but at 5 years of age I don’t think he quite appreciated the magnitude of such a fantastic visit. Although Rob made an impression, as when we left Isaac said he was his new best mate and when he gets back to school on Monday he’s going to ask Bobby does he want to be his co-pilot whilst they go and save some lives ~ ahhhh
We got back to the hotel and headed for the outdoor theatre within the castle grounds. We got to meet some of the events team and a big massive thank you to all the businesses involved and to our lovely hosts, Hazel, Pip, Tony, Lynne, Janet, Sean, Anna, Zoe, James for making us feel so very welcome and for taking time out of your weekend to spend time with myself Mike and Isaac.
This morning Hazel hosted breakfast for 12 of us as Janet and Sean popped by with the gorgeous Rafferty (photo), whom Isaac adored and reminded him of Reuben, to celebrate their wedding anniversary and we were all joined by Zoe and James and Isaac’s new pals Archie, Monty and Hermione. We then watched the Mayors parade and sunned ourselves on the pier and picnicked.
When the children left Isaac really cried and when he woke later in the car he cried some more along a large stretch of the M56 as he missed his new found pal Archie.
Anglesey, we will return. Your hospitality holds no bounds and we had a fun time as our new found family of 3. We made some lovely new friends and were overwhelmed by the warmth and support.
We miss Reuben at every turn and yet these new experiences wouldn’t be, were he here……
Thank you for reaching out to us, for supporting and making Isaac smile, we won’t forget you.
Until next time…..
For anyone visiting Anglesey these coming weeks, you will find a supply of Reuben’s Retreat merchandise at the Janet Bell Gallery and also at Tinkers and Bells ~ thank you Janet, Zoe, Sean and Anna for your continued support!
(Photo;- Castle, kids and chq – Big brekkie – Rob – Isaac and Rafferty)

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