7th September – Reuben’s Retreat will take families from across the UK and potentially worldwide

7th September – Reuben’s Retreat will take families from across the UK and potentially worldwide

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Yesterday was a crazy day. Especially as we were late to bed after attending Cruise1st BBQ as guests of Reuben’s Retreat ~ Thank you guys, for making me feel so welcome.
I dropped Isaac off at school and zoomed straight over to Thomas Ashton school for a coffee morning and cheque presentation. Met some more lovely people and Thomas Ashton have been and continue to be such a fantastic support, the children were great too and I hope they feel proud for all that they are achieving in Reuben’s name.
Lots of visitors to our office;- Rach and Sarah for our online shop, Deb and Katie collecting for today’s tombola in Ashton, Gill from Bradley’s bakery (the pie’s going down a storm), Lisa from Healthy hounds ( our champs of the month!!!) to collect merchandise for a pet show today and finally Isaac who was coming with me to “Fun Night Friday” , In memory of Reuben’s 3rd birthday. The fabulous couple that are Jay and Lorraine hosted a party at their fun centre “Slide and Seek” in Hyde. Securing everything free of charge, it was a really successful fundraiser and we raised £1k in 2 hours, thanks to the generosity of everyone and thanks to all that attended and supported. Thank you Kiddies karacters for the cookie monster, spiderman, princess and the minion. Thank you Cheryl for giving up your evening to face paint. Thank you to Absolute Dj for your donation, Thank you Mel for the amazing cake (see photo, sausage & mash with personalised Reuben cutlery), Thank you team slide and seek for giving up your hours and the street dancing from Rivkah was great too!
We are -£6k short of our half a million by Reuben’s birthday which is Tuesday. If you would like to text donate for Reuben’s birthday you can text to number 70070 CAKE23 and your £
Please eat Sausage and mash on Tuesday or a Reuben pie……..
Reuben’s Retreat will take families from across the UK and potentially worldwide. Please see our web for details.
Thank you to all those that tombola’d today, special thanks to Katie and Deb our volunteers.
Thank you to the WOM’s “Wives of Mudders” and their loving other halves who have muddered today… and Im sure we had a lady mudders team today too??? Are you there ladies ??? and also big shout out to the Wolf run challengers too… I feel a new “album” coming on again… Pies and now challenges……
Good luck wolf runners tomorrow too and 10k’ers……
Please send photos to;- bg@reubensretreat.org so you can feature on our next film.
Ps; please continue to LIKE SHARE or COMMENT so that we continue to appear in your news feed. IF you don’t we may disappear from your feed and we wouldn’t want to lose you… everyone has something to bring to RR
Have a lovely evening
ps: when Isaac saw the minion he said it looked like his Daddy… hee hee…. cheeky chops isnt he

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