9 January – Manchester Weekly News Column

9 January – Manchester Weekly News Column

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This weeks Manchester weekly news serving the homes of Tameside and beyond …..

We survived and made memories along the way. Celebrating Christmas in Lancaster and Boxing day at Auntie Rachael’s, followed by a birthday meal out for me and New year at Sherwood forest for Isaac’s birthday and our dear friend Nick. Tears did leave my eyes and especially on New year’s eve as I glanced up at the skies to wonder and question, “where are you Reuben” I thought of the many families we had met in 2015, the year that had both held and taken their children, and I knew that New Years eve would hold so much poignancy for them, as it had for me on the eve of entering 2013. It’s hard to believe that this was our fourth season without him.
He graces us every day with wonderful people joining this journey to help a tiny part of the world better in his name. And so 2016 will be a year of collating little notes of thanks for my newly collected “Thank you Reuben” jar. At the end of the year I will open it and share the years round up of wonder. Thank you in advance to everyone and everything of wonder that will fill my new jar.
What a great start to the year, welcomed back to work by 3 cheques landing on our mat and messages from pledged runners. If you need any help or advice you can check in with our resident run coach Rachael at; run@reubensretreat.org Rachael’s story is inspiring. A firm friend of Reuben’s she was motivated to run for him and 3 years later has gone from couch to 5k, to 10k, to half marathon, to London marathon to run coach for Hyde striders. In charge of this years Manchester 10k for us on the 22nd of May, we would love you to join us. We also have at our Ashton offices, fantastic new running leggings for the Ladies. They have proved to be a great addition to our merchandise this New Year.
The detox has started already and I think I would have done less damage on a two week all inclusive holiday. We felt like we had a really long break, and managed to relax, but drank far too much wine and ate too many crisps.
Back to work our team are all fired up and extremely motivated, it’s going to be another bumper of a year.
This weeks thanks go to our following supporters and friends;- 9 pots returned full of pennies and pounds, Millie Wright on her epic cycle, Haden Freeman Ltd, Gee Cross and district WI, St Georges CE primary school Hyde, Carol Allenby Carr, Gamesley school, Irene from the Lowry, Megan Barkers Mum, Jo Driver, Halifax bank and our friends at Stalybridge celtic football club. Special thanks and wishes to our lovely friend Jill for her donation in memory of her loving husband and friend of Reuben’s family keith.
Wishing all our supporters, readers, volunteers, team, family and friends a wonderful 2016 filled with love, peace, happiness, health and smiles. Thank you for all you do and more.

If anyone would like to reserve/purchase run leggings please ring;- 01457 680023 – then post your run selfie here …


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