9 June – Drove to work thinking about Reuben

9 June – Drove to work thinking about Reuben

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Drove to work thinking about Reuben… thinking about him shouting lazily from his cot mid morning snoozing, “Mummmmmeeeeeee, Mummeeeeee” I used to walk in and he’d be stood up…. he liked a top I used to wear with owls on and he’d shout… “Birdies” … and I would say, “they are owls, whit whoooooo” and he’d giggle….
I would squeeze him tight and pick him up and sniff his neck… sweaty post nap snoozy smell and messy hair….
Getting upset in the car I switched my thoughts to work and as I pulled up into the car park a song came on the radio.
An odd choice for Ken Bruce ????
It made me cry, as it’s the song that was chosen for my friends funeral just 2 months before Reuben moved to heaven….
I took it as a sign that she was saying, it’s ok Nic, I’ve got him and he’s ok and happy ……. I hope so….. I really hope so….
She was a lovely person, very kind and gentle.
Life can be so cruel.

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