9 June – Tuesday Challenger

9 June – Tuesday Challenger

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Flipping Tuesdays to make them positive, this weeks challenger is Rachel. She is undertaking five huge challenges for Reubens Retreat.

13th June – Great North Swim
28th June – Cholmondeley Castle Triathlon
4th July – Great Manchester Swim
27th September – Cycletta Cheshire
10th October – Chatsworth 10k

Here is what Rachel had to say……..
I decided to raise funds for Reuben’s Retreat as it’s such a great cause first and foremost. Also, as a mum with 2 young boys, I can’t begin to imagine what the Graham Family have gone through and for them to want to help others experiencing what they have done, well it deserves as much support as possible. The bigger charities have a vast amount of people supporting them, but a smaller charity needs just as much support & donations to help them help others. I know Nicola & Mike through the travel industry and the business I work for has also raised funds for Reuben’s, so if I can add to that with my challenges, then I’d like to think that that will help in some small way!


Thank you Rachel and good luck with your challenges.

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