9 May – Isaac’s 1st challenge

9 May – Isaac’s 1st challenge

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Today has been a hectic day as Isaac took on his first challenge for Reuben’s Retreat in memory of his Brother.
Today Isaac ran the Great Manchester mini run. A whole 2k without stopping and he has raised a MIGHTY £1800+
Thank you to all that helped him reach this incredible amount – THANK you THANK you
His reward, a trip to his fave store for gooey aliens, ice cream and a nerf gun.
He loved it and wants to do it again.
And he ran with his little pal Archie, whose Mummy & Daddy greatly support our cause too.
Tomorrow Daddy, Auntie Rach and nearly 300 incredible REUnners will turn our City REUBlue in memory of our special little man.
To say I’m proud of each and every one of you would be the greatest understatement ever !!!!!!
Tears well into eyes as i stop for a moment to take it all in.
Our pace at the charity is hectic, our days stuffed to the brim with opportunity and good will. Tasked with supporting families that hold great “miss”
We are blessed and don’t ever take it for granted.
There are over 160,000 charities to support and life deals many blows and journeys change… Yet you choose to support us.

You are needed more than ever and we are so grateful.
With love
Forever grateful
Tomorrow will be another great day!!!!

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