9 May – Let me introduce you to ‘Our Patrons’

9 May – Let me introduce you to ‘Our Patrons’

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TONIGHT we have great news to SHARE with you …… Please JOIN us in THANKING and APPRECIATING this fine couple…..

Let me introduce you to “Our Patrons”

“We met Nicola, Mike and Isaac a little time after the terrible loss of Reuben. We, along with countless other people who knew, or lived in neighbouring villages, were touched by their tragic loss – bowled over by the grief, and wonder how it’s possible to carry on the day to day living with a quarter of your family not being there but being there – always there – it’s unimaginable. They decided to channel the loss into something to be found – a respite home for others walking similar paths – Reuben’s Retreat.

People who heard the story and understood what the family wanted to achieve set out to help – cake sales and sponsored everything you can think of – walks, runs, swims, bikes rides and on and on all sharing the same goal to build this retreat in Reuben’s memory and for it to continue to support and to be there for anyone who needs it – this is part of Reuben’s journey.

We feel incredibly honoured and privileged to have been invited on the next leg of this journey and to be patrons of this fantastic and wonderful charity. We want to spread the word, encourage more cake sales and sponsored ‘everything you can think of’ across the country to help make Reuben’s Retreat a reality.

Julie Hesmondhalgh
Ian Kershaw

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