9 October – Poem

9 October – Poem

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I started my Friday blog and before I knew it words were starting to rhyme, so here goes….

“no tear alert required”

what makes you you?
what makes me me?
what happens when we leave this world?
what can we see?
there’s only one of you and you
and only one of me
created by something smaller,
than the human eye can see
all unique in hearts and minds
each other not the same
created by two people
and then we get a name
we are different than our relatives
and unique in our class
some of us robust and strong
some as fragile as glass
life has many teachings
for us to learn and grow and find
some of us are gentle
some of us are kind
personality is key for us
it makes us who we are
something just clicks up close
not seen from afar
all unique in every way
there’s only one of us
what happens when we are gone from here
who will make a fuss
we all have hearts that beat
and lungs that fill and help us breathe
we all have brains that tick away
and help our daily needs
but within us all is a uniqueness
that nobody else has
what happens when our bodies stop?
where does that aura go?
I’d like to chat with somebody
that really does know ……


We are all different and I would love to know where that “spark” goes when we die …. that piece of unique …. you can’t see it or smell it, it’s not tangible, but it is clearly who you are …what happens to that bit ?
What are your thoughts?…..

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