9 Sep – WE love you Mummy xxxx

9 Sep – WE love you Mummy xxxx

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Reuben’s FGMF (Fairy God Mummy Forever) here, going to be in trouble for this one ….

I could not let this go without a post. Please tune into ITV Granada reports tomorrow at 6 p.m on Reuben’s 4th birthday, sadly his third in heaven. 

Reuben’s Mummy Nicola had quite a few nominations for Pride of Britain this year & I am proud to say Nicola has been shortlisted along with 3 other nominees for the Granada region, just 1 region out of 17. Going forward 1 from each region will be invited to the Pride of Britain Awards in London. I am proud she has got this far, well deserved & an achievement in itself.
Many thanks to all who nominated her, a couple of nominations stood out including one from our dear friend Michelle Leonard (Reuben’s ELVIS’s wife….so we cooked up this plan to post on here today!)…..over to Michelle……

“ I remember watching the Pride of Britain 2 years ago and thinking even then this is Nicola Graham’s award …. 2 years down the line and that thought is even stronger… How much has Nic achieved in her precious Son’s name … How could any of us do this under those circumstances ….Who would be rolled up in a corner ignoring the world …. Where does she get all her ideas from ….. 1MILLION pounds in 23 months simply astonishing and this wonderful lady and very dear friend heads it all with so much passion and understanding , she blames no one holds no grudges is not mad with the world but simply has a huge MISS which fires her on to open the Retreat with such passion. I am and have always been simply amazed by Nic , every time I listen to her speak at events she still blows me away, I recently accompanied Nic to a primary school assembly to raise awareness and help a friend of mine who is doing Tough Mudder this weekend for RR and the way Nic spoke to the children to ensure they were not sad and have no worries after she spoke about Reuben is simply amazing, I never fail to be touched by her words. Nic has a special and very unique gift (I have told her this many times) and our world is certainly a better place for having Nic in it …. My Pride of Britain 1 MILLION percent !!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxx ”

I have spoken to Nic personally about being shortlisted & as you all know nothing takes away the #MISS for her darling boy Reuben. As always Nic is pleased for the awareness this will raise for the charity & is proud to be shortlisted. There is no saying she will go any further but we are all so proud she has got to this stage.

We love you Mummy XXXX (& what a beautiful birthday present to angel Reuben aged 4 tomorrow)

P.S Cheers to Mummy & Michelle shown in this photo xxxx

P.P.S ITV Granada Reports 6 p.m tomorrow while eating Sausage & Mash

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