9th August – ‘We just need to embrace the pain that comes with MISS’

9th August – ‘We just need to embrace the pain that comes with MISS’

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9 August 2012 was the day we met Mike’s Mum at Botany Bay, with Grandma for our “Isaac handover”. Isaac had been at Grandma’s for a few nights and Reuben had been home with us. On and off sickly, we thought he had missed his big Brother too.
Dad and his wife joined us and we all went to the pub for lunch. Reuben’s Great Grandma ate fish and chips and Reuben wanted some chips…. “Chips pyease Gyandma” he said. But Grandma couldn’t hear him, as she is hard of hearing and so he asked again “ Chips… chips… “ and then louder “Chips pyease Gyandma” – I remember worrying, as with this upset tummy he had been experiencing and sickness, I had taken him off dairy and high fat. You will be pleased to know that I let Grandma give him some chips.
Dad showed him the canal over the bridge and everyone commented that he had started to hold his head to one side…. I said that I wasn’t happy with this, that he had been sickly for a while now and we had just had him back to the Doctors 2 days earlier and I was concerned about his ears. The Doctor had said he was ok, as his temperature was ok and he wasn’t displaying any discomfort at all. I don’t blame the Doctors; never could anyone have known that something so terrifying was lurking in his little head.
We enjoyed our time together as a family. This would be the last time that Great Grandma would ever see Reuben and the last time our parents would see Reuben conscious.
Heading home, Mummy had a lot of packing to do, our Devon holiday was waiting and we were having 2 nights in Gloucester on the way down……….
I am grateful that I would have never changed a thing where Reuben was concerned. I have no regrets, he knew unconditional loved, he had an incredible 23 months with us and he was our gift of love, albeit briefly, Im so glad we had him…….
We MISS you Reuben, but I know we are all going to be ok… we just need to embrace the pain that comes with MISS and learn that it is LOVE, a LOVE so pure… your gift to us
( Photo: Reuben enjoying a kebab with Daddy post swim, look at his big tum peeping through his swim jacket. Last night I had my cards read and was told, Reuben would have been just like Daddy with very similar traits… just a glance of this photo screams to me the words “peas in a pod”)

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