9th June – What a day!

9th June – What a day!

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What a day! Thank you kath & Sue for the honour of opening your amazing centre. You’re generosity of spirit holds no bounds and we wish you every success with your fabulous centre. Lots of new friends made. Lots of support. An incredible £5…00 raised yesterday. Thank you to all that came and to all that donated their time and energies. I had some reiki, my face read, and also the face of my precious angel(photo).  Lots of positivity, peace and hope on this incredible new journey with many silver linings on the darkest of cloudy times.  The people we meet along the way are fantastic and incredible. I hope Charlie’s pals had a good day too, the best of luck! Today we are off to Avondale (cheadle heath) for fun and more support. Forever grateful Mummy xxxx

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