9th March – Sebastian’s Action Trust

9th March – Sebastian’s Action Trust

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FGMF here as one very very busy Mummy who has instructions to spend some QT with her wonderful husband. Seriously Nic’s feet haven’t touched the ground all week as you have probably gathered and she has a similar week ahead of her. Yester…day Nic & I took a long drive to Sebastian’s Action Trust to meet Jane (Sebastian’s Mummy) & I would ask you check out their FB page/Twitter & http://www.sebastiansactiontrust.org/ to understand and see how their beautiful son’s dying wish has become a reality. As we approached ‘The Bluebells’ I got Goosebumps from head to toe & reality sank in again as to why my dear friend and I were outside this amazing building. We met the lovely Lauren (Sebastian’s cousin) a key part of the team and lovely lady. We had a fab tour & I couldn’t hold the tears back as Jane talked about the families they have offered respite breaks to & the services that have benefited others TRULY AMAZING. A little boy called Isaac was there for the day having some fun & Arts & craft therapy, lovely little boy. Nic, Jane & I then went to grab a bite to eat at the pub & I cannot tell you how inspirational Jane was THANK YOU….we talked, Jane shared so much knowledge and so many experiences with us. What these 2 ladies are doing is unbelievable & is already in Jane’s case making a massive difference & in Nic’s case starting to make a difference as she starts to support mummies UK wide ….It just made me believe even more so that our lives are mapped out & we just don’t get to see the map in advance. THANK YOU Jane & Lauren our lovely new friends XX So tonight we have 2 fundraising events that 2 special ladies have worked hard on to maximise the funds raised for Reuben’s Retreat.  TY Alison Hinchcliffe, our Champion of the month (please see www.reubensretreat.org  for details) & good luck as your evening ‘BroadBottom Rocks’ rocks! I am nipping to Flintshire to a night of music, dancing, fun, games & prizes arranged by Diane Wood, see you soon Di. Good luck & TY to all from Nic, Mike, Isaac & the rest of the team xxxx Lastly, it’s Mother’s Day tomorrow a tough day for Nic, her family and the god mummies. Please take a minute and join one of these as requested by the wonderful Sam, my new sidekick & Reuben’s God Daddy & cousin…..www.ploink.co.uk/charity/reubens-retreat & www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/reubensretreat TY & enjoy your weekend and big love to all the mummies out there x x x x

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