9th November – We are all making such a difference to those that need it…

9th November – We are all making such a difference to those that need it…

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Last night I was home alone… as Mike has gone up to Lancaster to visit his lovely family with Isaac.
I posted here, drank wine and had a right good cry…. tears of MISS but they were very PROUD tears of MISS……
So….. a new day !!!!!
she says…..
I have a few thank you’s and some sharing to do this morning.
I don’t want to dampen anyone’s spirits… however we haven’t hit target this last couple of months and I really want to hit the £million.
Please put your “thinking” hard hats on and anything you are able to do, please do …..
This is a forever project and needs your support more than ever now.
However…. this last week HAS seen some fantastic fundraising and I want to SHARE with you some THANK YOU’s
Natalie C’s MONSTER BALL in Hyde raised over £1200 – WOW!!!!
My lovely friend Janet from the Janet Bell gallery has just sold a beautiful “bluebell” painting and donated the £750 – Gorgeous !!!!!!
Mischief makers and the gorgeous gals Suzy, Lou and Laura raised £770 with trick or treat for Reuben’s Retreat
Jamie Webster and the Keycamp team raised a whopping £1087 with cakes and mudder
Elvis, Rocking for Reuben in Bradford, courtesy of the amazing Michelle and her trusted and beautiful friend Alison smashed it with £1700 raised last week
The Southport ball and the lovely Ladies that are Helen B and Vicki N raised over £3600
A lovely lady sent monies from Romiley for her Son Isaac’s birthday
Not forgetting the incredibly supportive bunch photographed here at Parrs Wood, and that’s just the neon pop zumba staff, kicking off their first event with incredible tenacity and vigour
Sage Interiors and praze in Glossop are running a sumptuous and very tasty raffle
Please SEE events for some fantastic things coming up….
I sit here and HOPE we get the £million. Not hitting target, had its effect on me, and then I let it go… and I sit and think… we have just sold nearly 9,000 Xmas cards with another 3,000 on order and I have just got off the phone to an incredible lady in Dubai who is putting together an amazing fundraiser for February…. I cannot fly out and join them as Im celebrating a dear friends 40th and one of the leading dancers of the world is dancing for Reuben in Stockport and Im so going to be there to see her….. Are we gonna hit that magic I ask….. “You God damn betcha we are gonna smash it” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are all making such a difference to those that need it….
Bless you all !!! Have a great day!

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