9th September – Tomorrow is Reuben’s 3rd birthday….

9th September – Tomorrow is Reuben’s 3rd birthday….

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Tomorrow is Reuben’s 3rd birthday……We still are celebrating it but without him in person
So I’ve been looking through lots of pictures and found this one….. I love this picture of my two boys, taken just one week before Reuben’s 1st birthday, eating toast sailing into Dubrovnik.
So I’m sat here wondering what he would have chosen for his 3rd birthday present ?
Still Dora the Explorer and Peppa Pig ? No, I think he would have moved onto something else by now perhaps Star Wars and Lego like his older brother Isaac……it hurts so much that we will NEVER know.

Mummy, Daddy and Big Brother Isaac can’t SHARE this special day with Reuben in person

But you CAN help us please by SHARING this today – this can be your virtual birthday gift to Reuben……we really need YOUR help to ensure as many people as possible are aware of our one year old charity so that we can HELP children in the future who have life limiting/ threatening illnesses by creating a home from home place in the countryside where families can spend a few days away to relax, recharge and rebuild.

We cannot do this without YOU, and THANK YOU to all the friends, supporters and businesses who have supported Reuben’s Retreat by choosing our charity, as their charity for the evening at a work function, or as their charity of choice for an Evening Ball to raise awareness and more importantly much needed funds…..

So my question for you tonight is this…….would your employer support us for an evening or choose Reuben’s Retreat to support us as their charity ?
If you think your employer, your husband/wife’s/son/daughters employer can HELP then please email me directly – daddy@reubensretreat.org

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for pressing the SHARE button

Daddy x

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