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13th Jan 2013 – Registered Charity Number – 1150436

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1150436 I have news….. We have news… We have great news!!!!! Do you know what this is ???? This is our registered charity number !!!! ❤ God bless Reuben ! Well done Ali FGMF on this achievement, a long, lengthy emotional process. Amazing !!!! Pride in my stride !!!! Donation pages next on the list…

12th Jan – Where are you Reuben?

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GOSHHHhhhhhhhhh !!!!! My MISS is soooooo bIGGGG today… the numbnes that got me through Xmas and the NY has lifted and my GRIEF has come back with avengencNESSSS … WHERE are you Reuben? Where do they go ??? our loved ones…. answers on a postcard !!!!!! xxxx

11th Jan 2013 – Reuben, On the Buses!!!!

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Today I cried… proud tears… Look at what we have got !!!! I couldn’t wait until Monday to share this with you…. Reuben, ON THE BUSES !!!! Isn’t this just absolutely FANTASTIC. Buses around Manchester City centre, Stockport, Hyde, Ashton and surrounding areas…. 50 buses….. We are running a COMPETITION;- Please take a PHOTO of…