In addition to posting regularly on our social media channels we send out a short, newsletter style update (approximately once a month) to share the charity's highlights, a little insight into our work and renovations progress...

24 March – Darren Phillips

A genuine heart visited our retreat today …… He organises a fabulous event every year and has done for 16 years ….. We have been fortunate and blessed to be the chosen charity at 3 of them, with a guaranteed 4th next March. The Geordie ball has now raised over £10k for us and we…

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23 March – Roof

Today was another monumental day and big on our journey .. of course it was … I have just clocked it’s the “23rd” … ahhhhhh woweeeeee….. Today we hosted 3 interviews with companies that were successful in our roof tender process. A little more work to be done and then we can make a decision….

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22 March – First Aid

Thank you to our new friend Val, for a fantastic and informative first aid training tonight! You gave us the knowledge, skills and confidence to confidently help, should we ever need to. Be it personally, professionally or privately. Thank you so much for taking the time to offer your support and incredible expertise! Thanks for…

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21 March – Therapists

Today we facilitated a morning get together and networking of like minded therapists. Arranged by our fabulous supporter and volunteer Katy. Katy’s aim was to bring together a network of opportunity, for each other and when the time’s right, for Reuben’s too. It was a wonderful morning of chat and share with a beautiful energy…

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