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12th Jan – Where are you Reuben?

GOSHHHhhhhhhhhh !!!!! My MISS is soooooo bIGGGG today… the numbnes that got me through Xmas and the NY has lifted and my GRIEF has come back with avengencNESSSS … WHERE are you Reuben? Where do they go ??? our loved ones…. answers on a postcard !!!!!! xxxx

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11th Jan 2013 – Reuben, On the Buses!!!!

Today I cried… proud tears… Look at what we have got !!!! I couldn’t wait until Monday to share this with you…. Reuben, ON THE BUSES !!!! Isn’t this just absolutely FANTASTIC. Buses around Manchester City centre, Stockport, Hyde, Ashton and surrounding areas…. 50 buses….. We are running a COMPETITION;- Please take a PHOTO of…

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Reuben – My Mummy

I am very lucky to have such a fantastic support system, all of you and some very dear friends ~ But some parents dont have this when they lose their precious children and some siblings cannot cope and some parents with seriously ill children need a break and so we need “Reuben’s Retreat” and your…

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Feeling out of sorts

Feeling a bit out of sorts, behind on list of things to do…

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