In addition to posting regularly on our social media channels we send out a short, newsletter style update (approximately once a month) to share the charity's highlights, a little insight into our work and renovations progress...

10 January – Daddy

A very spiritual Lady said to me a couple of years ago ….. “And if you want to know what Reuben would have looked like as a man, just look at his Daddy” We found this yesterday Spring cleaning our home office. The clean held many memories, an emotional afternoon. This is my hubby Mike…

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9 January – Manchester Weekly News Column

This weeks Manchester weekly news serving the homes of Tameside and beyond ….. We survived and made memories along the way. Celebrating Christmas in Lancaster and Boxing day at Auntie Rachael’s, followed by a birthday meal out for me and New year at Sherwood forest for Isaac’s birthday and our dear friend Nick. Tears did…

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8 January – Reach

Please SHARE as you never know who you might reach with this message ……. Reuben’s Retreat is founded on LOVE and I truly believe that our retreat will continue to be built on an “Army of LOVE and COMPASSIONATE hearts” Since August 2012, we have already achieved great things but still have some way to…

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6 January – Signs

After an emotional but rewarding day yesterday ….. The signs I have had today have been incredible. I think a certain little man is letting me know that he is near ….. I have just been researching for our build and taking a look through websites at a specific place ….. then on to google…

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