9th – BOOMTASTIC Reubun

9th – BOOMTASTIC Reubun

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Tonight is more reminder’S’ with a capital ‘S’ as a few people have been asking about up & coming events so in a moment I will REshare some of April’s with you…I say some as sometimes people do stuff and we don’t always know and we get su…rprise cheques etc 🙂 We also have an ask of all of you who are on ‘Twitter’ we want to start and have our first successful ‘Trending’ thingy going on for the ReuBUN Bake off later this month so PLEASE if you ‘Tweet’ can you simply #ReuBunathon as it is now being referred to by many of you…let’s see if WE can do this, it has started and we would love it to be bigger so quite simply tweet #ReuBunathon and if you like a little comment?!? REMEMBER to check ou the other ‘athon’s going on marATHON & ‘Move your feet for Reuben’s Retreat’ AKA ReubATHON….. BOOMTASTIC !!!! TY all Ali on behalf of Mummy, Daddy, Isaac & Team Reuben’ATHON’ x x x x

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