Fundraising and Supporters

Fundraising and Supporters

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“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory”

Thank you for reading and sharing our news, you just never know who it will help us to connect with, a family in need or a new generous heart…  As always if you’d like to know more about our work, plans for the future or can offer support please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Each week we welcome children and adults for counselling, well-being and support to our Glossop and Ashton facilities. We can’t stress how impactful that side of our services are, but as you’ll appreciate it’s difficult to share the difference we’re making to so many lives because it is so deeply personal to the individuals. But we can share this beautiful clip from one of our family activity days earlier in the month Reuben’s Retreat Music Making.

The varied nature of our support services means we work with a diverse blend of beneficiaries each week. Precious youngsters with uncertain futures, their siblings and parents. Mums, Dads, brothers and sisters navigating daily life with huge loss in their hearts. And each beneficiary and their journey is totally unique.  So as we develop and expand our services and facilities it’s really important that we seek the thoughts and feedback of many, ensuring each building block of our future has the ability to flexibly meet those needs. The learning curve can be acute, but more often than not it’s tweaking and fine-tuning the programmes and plans that will ultimately make a world of difference to families.

This month we were fortunate to attend an open day at Francis House Children’s Hospice and although our Retreat won’t be a hospice, it’s great to forge relationships with other providers, sharing information and learnings as well as understanding their facilities. Nicola and Sally also spent time at Tameside General Hospital with the Doctors, Nurses and Consultants from the Children’s Ward, forging new relationships to take our bereavement and support work to their families.

We are grateful to have made many new friends over the last month who are helping to strengthen our knowledge base and networks in the world of support services including the lovely Fiona, an expert in the field of palliative and end of life care, the STAR palliative care team from Manchester and Consultant Paediatrician Lisa Kauffmann. Our meetings with these fabulous folk focus on sharing, advanced care plans, our need, what would families do if there was no Reuben’s Retreat, our vision and offering the best for families including ways to collaborate and work effectively and together.

We are proud to have supported 459 adults & children from 245 families but sadness is never far from our door and we receive new referrals for support every week. If you know of anyone that may need our help, please ask them to get in touch on 01457 680 023, or share with them our website details, Facebook page, local newspaper columns or postal address.


Renovation plans for Phases 4, 5 and 6 are progressing well and each week we move a step closer to the finished design. As all 3 phases are in the same wing it’s a complex process, considering and building in the required utilities and services that will sit behind the specialist features and equipment. We also have to immerse ourselves in the user’s experience, contemplating how the children and their loved ones will navigate around and enjoy each area, and on the flip side, maximise capacity and usability. The wing will ultimately house our hydrotherapy pool, day-care zones and offices/reception so every aspect requires extensive thought and consideration.

Included in the plans is a ‘Changing Place’ toilet. Changing Places are designed to accommodate children and adults who require support from at least one carer when they visit the lavatory and have improved properties compared to standard disabled toilets and we feel it essential that we include this level of convenience for our beneficiaries. Our toilets will give families the opportunity to add another destination to their limited access of such facilities – as highlighted in this recent article.


We never take for granted the generosity shown for our cause and are often overwhelmed by the acts of outstanding kindness…

We were recently the proud guests and chosen charity of Norfox Children’s Charity at the prestigious Insider Property Awards North West with a fabulous new audience of 1,100 diners.  These generous guests raised awareness and an astonishing £13,261 for our cause. Thank you to the Trustees for choosing us and Helen for being such a fabulous host!

Stephen Pugh and the team at UK Healthcare have been a part of Reuben’s journey for a number of years now and we were over the moon to receive a £5,000 grant from the UKH Foundation in May 2017.  Thank you to the incredible team Weightmans in Manchester, we are so grateful for your continued support.  Also last month we welcomed Dawn and David from Emerald Waterways & Scenic and our feet haven’t touched the floor since!  We’re thrilled to share that Reuben’s Retreat have been chosen as their Charity of Choice and their wonderful teams have been furiously planning lots of gorgeous ways to help spread the word about RR to their customers, colleagues and partners.

Sunday 28th May was our 5th time at the Great Manchester Run. We knew it would be a rather different event this year as it was the first time it’s been held on the bank holiday weekend and slap bang in the middle of school holidays. And then followed the heart-breaking events in Manchester on Monday 23rd. Our hearts go out to all the families and send love and thanks to our emergency services. Many touching and tearful moments throughout the day but also a feeling of great love in a city united. We were blessed as always with lots of kind hearts, children and adults, running for Reuben and volunteers turning out to make it another special day. Thank you to the Virgin Money Lounge for once again letting us take over your facility and helping our tiny team throughout the long day.

Our volunteers are an extraordinary bunch and we’re so fortunate to have so many kind hearts giving their time, energy and expertise and we used Volunteers Week (1st to 7th June 2017) to showcase just a few of those that support our journey…

Iain Gillespie came to one of our open days back in 2015 he signed up as a volunteer and quickly took over our banner placements in Tameside, he also has a love of photography and now captures magical memories on film at our events. Iain also volunteers on a weekly basis at The Retreat in Glossop by maintaining the grounds and helping with any odd jobs. Thank you Iain for all that you do – the gift of your time is so appreciated.


Karen became part of our Reuben family right from the beginning, Karen lives in London but got in touch to say that she wanted to help, more than a volunteer Karen and her partner Russ are now firm friends of the charity. As she works in marketing Karen has been instrumental in developing and maintaining our “brand” and she is behind most of the lovely posters and art work that you see on our social media platforms. Talented, big hearted and artistic. Thank you Karen for your dedication and the gift of your time, it’s so appreciated.

For the next seven days we will feature a volunteer every day, highlighting their commitment and special skills they bring to Reuben’s Retreat. We have many volunteers and appreciate each one as without them we would not be where we are today so a BIG THANK YOU to all our volunteers.

Lianne & Shona make up our voluntary Press Office, a formidable team, a great fit as Lianne personally knew Reuben and has been a family friend for a long time. Shona’s expertise lies within our fabulous travel industry. Both firm friends, supporters and volunteers always working in the background to help us achieve publicity via magazines, editorials, TV and radio shows. Thank you Lianne & Shona for all your hard work and the gift of your time.

Chris retired in 2015 and helps out at The Retreat in Glossop, Chris is Sal’s dad and is also known as “handy dad” putting his excellent DIY skills to use on a weekly basis. He is an ambassador for Reuben’s Retreat always sharing Reuben’s story and raising awareness, he puts heart into everything he does so THANK YOU Chris for the gift of your time it is so appreciated.

Support Office Team We have a number of volunteers that help on a regular basis at both the Ashton & Glossop offices; Nina Crane, Nicola Winbow, Jacqueline Etchells, Gillian Hayward, Alison Bradshaw and Tracy Eccles.

As a tiny team of four full time staff our office volunteers make a huge difference, enabling us to achieve more on a weekly basis. THANK YOU ladies for the gift of your time.

Our Bag Packers Every month we bag pack at various supermarkets around Tameside & Glossop to raise much needed funds for the charity. Without our regular bag packers donating the gift of their time we would really struggle to raise funds consistently every month so a BIG thank you to: Linda Kenyon, Linda Ellis, Gill Beeley, Beryl Prendergast, Alison Hinchliffe, Caroline & Kirsten Ogden, Rose Lomas, Jan Phillips, Sam Siddle & Jackie Hibbert who all bag pack on a regular basis. Thank you to those who also bag pack on an ad-hoc basis. Every penny raised really does make a huge difference.


Stacey We met Stacey some time ago as we packed her bags at a local supermarket, she immediately came on-board with ideas for fundraising and started to fundraise independently for the charity. Stacey is a fantastic ambassador for our cause as well as a superb volunteer and fabulous friend. As a boxer Stacey put her love of the sport into her fundraising and her work at a local school. She puts 100% heart into everything she does and always says “you cannot fail to have your life enriched by being involved with Reuben’s Retreat” which we think is the most beautiful line too.

Stacey has introduced us to some special people along the way and she has now gone professional in her boxing career. THANK YOU Stacey for the gift of your time and good luck in your pro career.

We always talk about how quick time flies here at Reuben’s Retreat but even I’m shocked that a whole 6 months have passed since we received the Thomas Cook Children’s Charity (TCCC) grant.  Thanks to their generosity and support we’ve achieved a great deal of behind the scenes work in the main building and readying the spaces for the next stage of construction and there’s lots more to come! We’re keen to share that the grants awarded by TCCC is thanks to money raised by their branches, employee’s fundraising, change/currency collected on their aircrafts and customers offering to opt-in to a one-off £2 donation when booking a Thomas Cook holiday. So thank you to everyone who has in turn supported us through supporting Thomas Cook’s Charity.

The Summer 2017 edition of Reuben’s Retreat’s complimentary magazine has been distributed to 10,000 homes, businesses and key locations throughout Glossop and Tameside over the last few weeks and can be viewed via our website or linked here. It’s a really useful tool in reaching new families and supporters alike so thank you to everyone who helps with distribution and to those who advertise within it. If you would like to advertise your business or services in the Autumn copy please contact Rachael on or 01457 680 023.

Sending love and thanks to each incredible supporter and volunteer of Reuben’s journey, including:

Alfie B, Catherine Sutherland, Paula Bennett, Bolton RCSC, Queens Arms Glossop, L J Roofing, Staley Ward No.2 Conservative Club, Michelle Wilson’s husband David, Glenys and Keith, little Archie, Bradleys Bakery, Michael Young-Richard’s mum, Joyce Christian in memory of Ann Norman, Parochial School, Bridgetots, Sharon Jones, Manchester Uni, our very own Nona, Hollingworth Festival, High Peak Council, Josh and Jack at Matu Barbers, Weightmans, Peveril of the peak and to GMP with their dress down day and raffle. Thank you to Glossop Mayor, Vision Trefoil Guild, Panederia by Dowds, Mossley Cancer Committee, One Stop Shop Gamesley, Jane Gates OBE, Julie Farrington and Sasha Windelinck, Joanne and her ladies of BASE choir, Joan and the ladies darts team, The Powsers, SCS 100 Good Causes and customers of the Stockport store, Kath Smith, UKH Foundation, Glossop Juniors U12s, Seraphina Yoga, Gillian Hayward, all at Romiley Health and Anthony on his wolf run.


Saturday 29th July – Across the Bay Walk (Arnside)

For details and further events please visit our Facebook events page.

And to end, please can we take just 30 seconds more of your time by asking you to vote for Reuben’s Retreat to secure a grant of up to £25,000?  Visit, enter your name, email address and answer 2 simple questions – that’s it!  Or to register a phone vote please call our office on 01457 680 023.



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