Happy Birthday Reuben’s Retreat

Happy Birthday Reuben’s Retreat

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It’s a poignant week in the Reuben’s Retreat offices as Monday marked 5 years since Reuben moved to heaven. He is desperately missed and loved beyond words by everyone fortunate to have known him, but he also holds an incredibly special place in the hearts of people like myself who weren’t lucky enough to meet him and by those supported through his beautiful legacy, Reuben’s Retreat.

Despite being such a sad time and seeing Reuben’s loved ones with huge miss in their hearts, what always strikes us is the incredible support shown by people far and wide each August. Our Facebook page and letterbox is filled with touching, uplifting and loving messages, each wanting to bring a little comfort to aching souls. And that support is so powerful – it’s the foundations and fuel that nourishes our cause.

Reuben’s Retreat was born to help families through the devastation of child bereavement, to provide a light in the darkness and the resilience to face each anniversary or special dates without their child. We’re here too to help children with complex health needs and their parents and siblings as they face uncertain futures. That work has already begun but we will be able to offer so much more once our Retreat is fully renovated.

In 5 years we’ve supported 470 adults and children from 251 families

But there are many, many more families out there that need our support today, and more will follow tomorrow.

Please help us to celebrate today’s milestone and secure our work for the next 5 years!

Watch and share our fabulous short film created by Ben here

Our LIMITED EDITION commemorative 5th birthday mug is available NOW!

Visit our website or call the office on 01457 680 023 to place an order

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