July 2016 – Saddleworth Male Voice Choir and Music Memory Making

July 2016 – Saddleworth Male Voice Choir and Music Memory Making

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A month of firsts…Some time ago Nicola was talking to a Lady at a meeting and she said how her Granddaughter was really struggling because her Brother was seriously poorly, in a wheelchair and they were limited as to the things they could do and enjoy as a family.  From this little acorn our first ever Music Memory Making Day was borne and delivered this month for the first time for four of our gorgeous families, a day I’ll never forget.  We were also blessed as one of our little friends was also celebrating his 11th birthday and so the day was that extra bit special.  Our lodge lit up to the sound of music, laughter, singing and giggling children.  You couldn’t help but be lifted by such a lovely few hours and the day will never be forgotten. Thank you to all our children and families for making it so special and thank you to Julia and her daughter Lydia for supporting.

The same weekend we also held our first Afternoon Tea party Sunday, thank you to our beautiful supporters, the magnificent voices from Saddleworth Male Voice Choir, Captain Steve Hayes and Trish for making it such a success, helping us raise lots of pennies and pounds and awareness of our work with families in need.

We really needed some dry weeks now don’t we, it can hamper fundraising when we cannot rely on access to outdoor spaces.  No time for dampened spirits at Reuben’s Retreat though, as we work towards our next milestones and goals. Once our roof is complete, we will continue to make our building watertight and that is what 2016 is very much about.  Next year our hopes and aspirations are to implement a hydrotherapy pool and then make our way up the “west wing” to complete a full day-care activity zone.  This will be our concentration for 2017.  If you are part of any community clubs, pubs, schools, work place, organisations or college that can help, please get in touch.  Alternatively, please share our cause with somebody that doesn’t know of us, as awareness is also key to our success.  The sooner we can complete our renovation the sooner we can open our doors and support more families.

We were utterly blown away by the fundraising from our friends the Daltons in memory of Matthew. No stone left unturned, his family wanted to make sure that Matthew had a heavenly 21st birthday to remember.  A testament of their love and miss, they raised an incredible £8,300.  Absolutely incredible and this will go a long way in supporting families like theirs that hold a great miss in their hearts for their Angel children.  A thank you on behalf of all our team to Jo, Gary, Reece, Angel Matthew, your loving family and all your friends.

To date we have received no Government funding, money from the NHS or CCG’s.  We can’t begin to tell you how vital these funds are to us.  We do support families already from our support office in Ashton-under-lyne and from our Lodge at Glossop.  Work is underway every day to move through each phase of our big build.  The sooner our vision is complete and the sooner we can open our doors the more families we can support.

To name just a few of this month’s incredible supporters… Queens arms Glossop quiz monies, Glossop Carriage Company, Ladies of Broadbottom, Harewood Pub, Mottram Rd Stores, Mottram News & Wine, Healthy Hounds, a big well done to our roofers LJ roofing for their fantastic efforts to cycle from Manchester to Blackpool, Commercial Inn Glossop, Jack and Barbara for watering our gardens and our friends at Hannon Holmes for climbing Nevis!  We would also like to thank our volunteers that enabled us to secure so much activity this month, without you we would really struggle, thank you for giving up your time so graciously.


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