6th April – Missing you lots and lots

6th April – Missing you lots and lots

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Every now and then we  share with you words & letters written to/for us. This was written a while ago not long after our beautiful boy became an angel & more recently framed as a birthday gift  for Ali Reuben’s God Mummy (Reuben is doing th…e famous Cheese smile on it). Thank you Neil Lewis – beautiful words x x x x  There’s an angel up above, given wings made from love. Golden hair, magic smile, there he’ll stay for a while. Though he can’t be seen, You’ll find him in every dream. Though he can’t be found, You’ll hear his laughter in every sound. There’s an angel, now at peace, memories never cease. Handsome face, sparkling eyes – invisible, his disguise. Though he can’t be touched, He will be missed so very much. Though he can’t be heard, He will always be remembered. There’s an angel, watching on, though not here, never gone. Happy soul – soul so pure, treasured for ever more. Though he isn’t here, His memory, you will hold dear. Though he’s gone away, Inside your mind, he’ll always play.
There’s an angel in the sky, through the clouds he will fly. And he watches, patiently, ‘til you again, he will see.  Though he did depart, He will live forever in your heart. Though he said goodbye, The love you shared will never die. There’s an angel, up above, given wings made from love. Blow a kiss, hold him tight….not goodbye, just goodnight. XXXXSee More

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