Our Champions

Reuben’s Mummy Nicola, has always said that Reuben’s Retreat will be built on an army of compassionate hearts. We have been very blessed to have had some amazing support from corporate companies, organisations and individuals. As we started  our ten phase renovation of the The Old Woods Hospital a lot of companies and individuals came forward offering skills, time, talents, products and without them we would not be where we are on our journey today. Find out more about the Champions of each renovation phase here: Phase 1 – Renovation of “The Lodge at Reuben’s” Phase 2 – Landscaping the areas around The Lodge Phase 3 – Roof Renovations      

A significant date in the Reuben’s Retreat calendar

On Thursday 8th December 2016 Lynne and I met with the wonderful Matt and Aoife from Thomas Cook Children’s Charity. It was an opportunity to catch up on our projects and finalise the partnership agreement for our incredible grant award of £150,000. For those of you that are not in the travel industry I am keen to share that these monies are raised from Thomas Cook customers and employees undertaking challenges and fundraising. Change collected on their aircraft and customers opting in to a £2 one off booking donation when booking their Thomas Cook holiday with one of their branches, online, call centres, independent or high street travel agents or homeworkers from all corners of the industry.  Monies collected across the year are then distributed to charities like ours and small community grants too. 2016 was very much about making our building watertight and this year we will start INSIDE our Retreat. Each day we edge forward to making this happen.  Thomas Cook Children’s Charity will be integral to making this happen, investing in phases four and five of inside our West wing, currently estimated to be around half a million in costs. It’s been a lengthy process getting to that final meeting, our discussions having started back in June of 2015.  Grants of this size don’t just happen and they take a lot of work behind the scenes too. I would like to take the time to thank Lynne our Operations Manager who conveyed our plans and produced the applications to support our many calls, visits and talks.  I am thrilled that Matt, Malcolm and Aoife saw our vision first hand and believed in our project from the outset. I am also so proud to share that this is the second largest donation that Thomas Cook Children’s Charity have EVER awarded, and it is by an absolute landslide (seven and a half times!) larger than our biggest grant award to date at Reuben’s Retreat. It is immense, welcomed, needed, appreciated and so much more than words can express. On behalf of all of our hardworking team, our volunteers and the families we support we THANK YOU for supporting Thomas Cook Children’s Charity in their efforts to raise funds. Having worked in the travel industry all of my adult life I was devastated to leave it after losing Reuben and such great news shows that the industry never left me or our cause. The difference this grant will make is monumental and a very proud time for our industry. Mummy xxxx