9th Feb – I was the lucky person who took care of Reuben when Mummy & Daddy went to work

9th Feb – I was the lucky person who took care of Reuben when Mummy & Daddy went to work

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Good evening, something a bit different tonight …. Not Mummy, Daddy, FGMF or Aunty Rach, it’s Sarah and for those of you that don’t know me I am at the other end of enquiries@reubensretreat.org. Also I was the lucky person who took care of Reuben when Mummy & Daddy went to work.
Wherever I went with Reuben people would comment on his smile and gorgeous nature, they would say ‘is he good’ and many a time I would say, brilliant, in fact ‘if Carlsberg made babies, they would probably be like Reuben’. He was such a sociable little man, he said hello or waved to pretty much everyone and not even the most hardened soul could resist a wave back.
We were on our family holiday in France when we found out that Reuben was in hospital, Nicola kept most of the details from us, so as not to spoil our holiday! The day after we returned we drove to Bristol so I could give Reuben one last kiss and say goodbye. I’ll never forget that journey, I still had hope, what else can you have in that situation, I remember walking into the hospital and Nicola greeting me, the little conversation we had at that time crushed that hope there and then, it was real.
I got back in the car and sobbed and sobbed, my lovely boys in the back were tapping me on the shoulder, mummy, mummy look, a rainbow and there it was, extending out of the rainbow sign on the side of the Debenhams building in the picture above, It was magic, I’ll never forget the calming effect that rainbow had, and they still have now. It was unreal, I just wish at the time I could have taken a picture!
I consider myself to be very privileged in that I got to spend so much time with Reuben during his short life, I saw his first steps, helped him to learn his numbers and we’d walk for miles in his buggy with our dog, Lola. He loved his food so much he made me feel like a Master Chef!! He was, and still is, a big part of our family, we all love him very much and miss him terribly, we talk about him a lot, it’s amazing the little things children remember, only a day or two ago Martha, who is 9 was singing a little rhyme about a barbers shop that sounded familiar and she said ‘do you remember mum, I used to do that with Reuben’ and I could picture it like it was yesterday. More and more nowadays I find myself thinking about the things he would be doing, he was a very bright little boy and watched the older children playing very carefully so he could copy and play along, I think about how much he would have loved the recent snow and the little pony that has taken residence in the fields behind our house. He would be at pre-school and no doubt he would be very popular there.
On 21st April I will be running the London Marathon, for Reuben and to raise funds for Reuben’s Retreat, I have set myself a target of £500.00 please check out my just giving pagehttp://www.justgiving.com/Sarah-Bowman4. It would mean the world to me if some virtual team Reuben sponsored me even just £1, you can do it by text 70070 type SBRR74 £1 or on just giving using the link. Thank you so much for reading and thank you Reuben …….. this ones for you little man xxxx

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