11 June – A trip to Norfolk Broads

11 June – A trip to Norfolk Broads

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We have just returned from a lovely little break on the broads with Isaac and friends. It has been on Mike’s to do list for some time and I booked it last June 2015 as a surprise for his birthday. We drove down on Thursday in time to collect our cruiser on Friday morning. All 40ft of it, named “Moonraker”. Our home for 3 nights, we had a great adventure and Isaac was quite the pirate shouting at each passing boat “Ahoy mi hearties, sailing the seven seas are we!”, it’s a wonder he wasn’t hoarse. If you’d like to try something similar, you can book boats, lodges, caravans and cottages via our our website link; www.chooseacottage.co.uk/REU and we receive a 10% commission. You can click on the boat icon if you’d like to book a boating break, it’s great fun and I would recommend it.
As I type the column today, I have just come back down from being up on our retreat roof. Today I placed our first slate back on the roof, engraved with Reuben’s name and with love from myself, Daddy and Isaac. It was LJ Roofing’s idea and what a lovely thing to be able to do in memory of our darling. It gives you an insight into the kind hearts that are currently working our project, a great team of Gentlemen showering our roof with their compassion and support.
This weekend we send our love and luck to our Windermere swimmers Michelle, Gillian, Jordan and the gang. We also thank Aidan Gaunt for his support with the Gee Cross fete, please pop along this Sunday afternoon and support.
Our thank you’s this week go to Christ church mother’s union, Mrs Larene Bailey and her wonderful Grandsons for collecting pennies in their big bottle, Ruby and Isaac for pledging at our open days to collect 20p’s in a smartie tube, Rosemary B, Rachel Jiggins and all that have supported Isaac’s sponsorship page for his mini run and across the bay walk next month.
Also a big well done to Isaac and Reuben’s big cousin Sam on passing his driving test this week, at the angelic time of 11:11 and whilst proudly wearing his Reuben’s Retreat t-shirt.
I hope this sun stays a while, it’s working wonders for our gorgeous retreat gardens and also placing our roof works ahead of schedule. Thank you little miss Sunshine. Have a great weekend all.

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