Apply to be a volunteer with Reuben's Retreat  Volunteering at Reuben's Retreat

Simply fill in each question below and submit. Please note as the charity continues to go from strength to strength there may be a slight delay in our response, we will do our best to respond to everyone as soon as possible. Thank you for applying & in the meantime please continue to spread the word about our charity.

  • Ideally here let us know any dates you have commitments too, we all need to recharge & party sometimes e.g. holidays, weddings, festivals!
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Many of Our Vollies

We need more help than ever! We have loads of great activities and roles within our charity that we need support for, such as supermarket bag packs, awareness stalls, collections and more.

As our charity grows we will have even  more volunteering opportunities – everybody has something to bring to Reuben’s Retreat.

If you would like to know more about volunteering at Reuben’s Retreat please call  on 01457 680023 or email volunteers@reubensretreat.org

Protecting our charity and you

In order to protect our charity our supporters and our donors from fraudulent activities we would ask you to report any suspicious activity by calling the office on 01457 680023 or emailing volunteers@reubensretreat.org

Keeping volunteering voluntary

As a charity we know the value of volunteering. Volunteering means people independently choosing to give their time freely to help others and make the world a better place. Workfare schemes force unemployed people to carry out unpaid work or face benefit sanctions that can cause hardship and destitution. We believe in keeping volunteering voluntary and will not participate in government workfare schemes.