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5th Jan – For all our new supporters, this is Reuben’s story

For all our new supporters, this is Reuben’s story, he also has a website too and you can google many articles and you tube video’s … I have been asked about donations, you can do this via local giving . com THANK YOU for being a part of Reuben’s incredible new journey – Mummy xxxx…

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6th January – As a mark of respect to a heartbroken family

I am not going to post tonight.. I have lots to share.. but as a mark of respect I just wanted to take the time out to wish a heartbroken family our PEACE & LOVE Amelia Saunders grew her angel wings today and left her doting parents Richard and Chantal and dear Sister Charlotte, and…

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Monday 7th Jan – Saturday I woke up early and lay thinking about Reuben

Saturday I woke early and lay thinking about Reuben… sometimes I will try and switch off a bit to allow myself to go back to sleep but on Saturday I didn’t want to. I thought about him.. in his buggy, in his cot after a nap saying “Mummy” and throwing out his arms to me…..

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Tuesday 8th Jan 2013 – Pay It Forward

Over a year ago, my lovely friend Ali bought me a dvd… she gave it to me and said… “This is you”…. I had watched it before, but I watched it with fresh eyes… since then, we have purchased our own copies for RR.. we are about to send them in to the big wide…

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