Supporting families of complexly poorly children and families of child loss

Supporting families of complexly poorly children and families of child loss

Support for families of child loss

We offer bereavement support to parents and siblings who have experienced the loss of a child.

Every story is as unique as the precious child they have lost. We offer both practical and emotional support and promise to walk side by side with a family for as long as we are needed. This includes delivering a bespoke and tailor made support package for each family and guidance to help them navigate their grief.

If you would like to join in any of our support sessions or services, we kindly ask that you first fill in a referral form to become a registered beneficiary family.

Support Groups

Our varied peer support groups enables parents of loss to come together, share their story and gain peer support. These groups help families to feel understood and accepted in a safe space.

Counselling & Talking Therapies

Counselling and talking therapies can help families to navigate the raw and painful emotions that follow the traumatic loss of a child and can wak with them through their healing journey. 

Wellbeing Support

We offer a range of wellbeing and holistic support sessions throughout the year, including reiki, yoga and meditation. The also provide a range of useful advice and wellbeing resources including books.

Short Breaks & Day Trips

We arrange both short breaks and day trips to enable families to make memories and remember their loved lost one.

Memory Making Activities

We offer memory making activities for siblings and parents. It is a creative and meaningful way to continue bonds and remember precious loved ones.

Practical Advice

When a child passes away it can be doubly challenging navigating the benefits systems, we can help with resources and work together with advisors who can help with social welfare processes.